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All Nehmyah’s Hair bundles are super double drawn. Experience the ultimate quality with our Raw Vietnamese natural straight bundles. They are easy to maintain! The natural straight holds a curl perfectly, deal for everyday use.

The model shown is wearing 1 x 22” and 2 x 24” Raw Vietnamese natural straight bundles curled.


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The main reason to love Vietnamese hair is due to its superior quality. In Vietnam, women rarely straighten or process their hair. They do a lot of other things to take care of them. Many women in the country grow their hair long to be purchased in long lengths that are 30 inches or above. Vietnamese hair is very thick, soft, and silky. It is in high demand due to its capability to hold curls as well as its softness. 

When we talk about Vietnamese hair, we think of a stereotypical straight, thick, and dark texture. They are indeed stronger and thicker when compared to the other hair types. Vietnamese tresses are very thick and round fibers with a high black melanin level. A high level means it is harder to change the hair color and requires professional strength bleach to do so. 

Vietnamese hair is taken mostly from the villagers living in high mountains where their hair doesn’t affect the sunlight. Hence, they are strong and silky too. 80% of the hair is taken from women aged 18-25. Therefore, the quality of their hair is as durable and strong as the donor’s health.

This thicker hair type would require products with more detangling benefits and more moisturizing. It is suggested to use colorless frequently to avoid internal damage to the strands. Remember to condition after shampoo as you do with all other hair types. The durability of naturally straight hair can be up to 3-5 years depending on how you maintain your hair and whereas. Using raw Vietnamese hair brings out a confident and natural outlook with natural black or sometimes dark brown color. As the hair does not go through any processing, you can see its natural shine in the sunlight. Moreover, you don’t need a brush to comb your hair. Just glide your hand smoothly through the hair, and you are ready to go.


Why you would love this texture:

  • Texture: Natural straight 
  • Origin: Vietnam 
  • Raw Hair
  • Luxurious thick, soft, and silky
  • The most popular hair in the hair business globally
  • Super double-drawn: this grade has 80-90% of the same length’s hair
  • Thick hair strands that provide a natural look
  • Blends seamless with natural or relaxed hair
  • 100% raw hair sourced from Vietnam with cuticles running in the same direction
  • Hair cut directly from a single donor 
  • Completely pure
  • NO synthetic fibers
  • Thick from root to tip with naturally tapered ends
  • Will revert back to a natural state after wash
  • Tangle-free and minimal shedding with proper care
  • Density: unlike other natural straight textures you have tried, this texture is thicker, denser and fuller
  • Can hold a curl for many days
  • Easy styling
  • Priced by bundle
  • Longevity: 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance
  • Hair can be colored
  • Available in natural black 
  • Bundle weight: 100 grams per bundle
  • Simply a masterpiece!

13×4 12 inch (30 cm), 13×4 14 inch (35 cm), 13×4 16 inch (40 cm), 13×4 18 inch (45 cm), 13×4 20 inch (50 cm), 13×4 22 inch (55 cm), 13×4 24 inch (60 cm), 13×4 26 inch (65 cm), 13×6 14 inch (35 cm), 13×6 16 inch (40 cm), 13×6 18 inch (45 cm), 13×6 20 inch (50 cm), 13×6 22 inch (55 cm)


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