Nehmyah’s Beauty has a vision: Making women aware of the power of make-up and external care. Nehmyah’s Beauty mainly wants to accentuate the natural beauty of the face, making woman feel more confident and powerful. In addition to outer beauty, we also strive for inner well-being. Our love for people is our starting point. We always try to think along with our customers, clients and partners so that every treatment remains personalized. We stand for equality and diversity. With Nehmyah’s Beauty we put beauty and health first.

Good service and quality go hand in hand at Nehmyah’s Beauty. We always work on long-term relationships, stand for excellent service with a lot of creativity and provide the best service. Nehmyah’s Beauty strives to realize a dream. We try to be honest and transparent with our customers, clients and partners at all times. So that we keep the trust high. That is why these are also our core values. They are locked deeply in our company and form the foundation of everything we do, who we are and what we stand for.



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